Generates lookup tables, or LUTs, from color management nodes downstream of a CMSTestPattern node. LUTs are generated according to the size of CMSTestPattern cube size.

You can use the GenerateLUT node to create both 1D and 3D LUTs:

1D LUTs assume that the primary color channels (red, green, and blue) are independent, and the output for a particular primary color (for example, red) only depends on the input value of that channel (rather than the values of all three channels). For each input value, there is one output value. 1D LUTs are represented by a curve. They are useful for quickly creating an image for viewing purposes, using less processing power, but they cannot be used to adjust saturation independently of brightness.

In 3D LUTs, the output values of each primary color channel are calculated based on the input values from all three channels (red, green, and blue). For each input value, there are three output values. This is represented by a 3D grid or cube. 3D LUTs can adjust saturation and brightness together, and are very useful for emulating a particular known look, such as Cineon.

TIP:  For good visual fidelity when using 3D LUTs, it is recommended that a log colorspace is used for 3D LUT generation. For more information on how to generate a LUT in log colorspace, please refer to Working with Color.

For more information, see CMSTestPattern and Vectorfield.

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